Seasons and Places to See Wisteria in Japan


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In Japan, wisteria flowers are in full bloom in spring, and you can enjoy beautiful purple curtains.

In this article, we will introduce about wisteria flowers and recommended spots. We also have information about wisteria-inspired sweets, so please check it out.

Wisteria Flowers Season and Sightseeing


The wisteria flowers are usually in full bloom from late April to early May, and some sightseeing spots hold festivals at that time. There are different colors of the wisteria flowers, such as purple, pink, and white, and you can enjoy the difference in color depending on where you go.

The flowers usually hang down in tufts, but they are often entwined with shelves to make ornamental “Fujidana (wisteria arbor).” At some famous sightseeing spots of wisteria flowers, you can enjoy the overwhelming purple ceiling.

Besides, wisteria flower is very popular with foreign tourists like cherry blossoms. If you’re in Japan, why not try going through the wisteria flower tunnel at least once?

Sightseeing Spots Famous for Wisteria Flowers

Below is the list of sightseeing spots famous for wisteria flowers. If you are nearby, why not dropping by.

Ashikaga Flower Park

One of the famous spots of wisteria flowers in the Kanto area is “Ashikaga Flower Park” in Tochigi Prefecture. Not only can you enjoy multiple types of wisteria and wisteria tunnels, but you can also buy wisteria-inspired sweets(more on this later).

Besides, the Ashikaga Flower Park is also famous for its illuminations. In winter, you can see the illuminated Fujidana here.

The website is available in multiple languages, so please take a look.

Ashikaga Flower Park
Address:607 Hasama-cho, Ashikaga city, Tochigi

Kawachi Wisteria Garden

kawachi fuji gardens

Kawachi Wisteria Garden is located in Fukuoka prefecture and is famous for its vast Fujidana. It is also popular with foreigners because it was introduced as a beautiful place in overseas media.

Please note that it is open from late April to early May in a wisteria season and that advanced reservation tickets are required to enter.

And it also has a website that supports several languages by automatic translation. You can select a language at the top right of the top page.

Kawachi Wisteria Garden
Address:2-2-48 Kawachi, Yahata-higashiku, Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka

Tennogawa Park

tennogawa park

Tennogawa Park, located in Tsushima City, Aichi Prefecture, holds a festival called “Owari Tsushima Wisteria Festival” every year during the wisteria season.

Although it is in Japanese, there is also an introduction video. It is a spot where you can see 12 kinds of wisteria flowers.

You can enjoy the wisteria flowers at Tennogawa Park for free, so it’s a good idea to stop by.

Tennogawa Park
Address:1 Miyagawa-cho, Tsushima city, Aichi

Fuji no Saku Oka

Fuji no Saku Oka (it means “wisteria blooming hills”) is a wisteria-themed park in Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture. The Fujidana in the park is about 250m long, and you can enjoy 45 kinds of wisteria in the garden.

Wisteria in the park is usually in full bloom around Golden Week, so it’s a good idea to visit there in the holidays.

A festival called “Fujioka Fuji Festival” is held from the end of April to the beginning of May. At the festival, you can see events such as outdoor concerts and wisteria illumination.

Fuji no Saku Oka
Address:2690-7 Fujioka, Fujioka city, Gunma

Shirai Omachi Fuji Park

shirai oomachi fuji park

Shirai Omachi Fuji Park is located on the border of Hyogo prefecture and Kyoto prefecture. From late April to mid-May, white, purple, and pink wisteria flowers bloom in the garden every year.

A wisteria festival is also held at the flowering time of wisteria. The wisterias are lit up in the night when it’s in full bloom, so please check it out.

Although it is in Japanese, Shirai Omachi Fuji Park also has an introduction video.

If you are interested, please go to see the wisteria there.

Shirai Omachi Fuji Park
Address:1008 Wadayama-cho Shirai, Asago city, Hyogo

Sweets and Foods Inspired by Wisteria Flowers

If you can’t go to sightseeing spots, you can also enjoy the wisteria flowers with sweets and food.

Ashikaga Flower Park has an online shop where you can buy sweets and foods inspired by wisteria flowers.

One of the foods that actually use wisteria flowers is wisteria honey. There also seems to be Baumkuchen that uses honey of wisteria.

Besides, some Japanese sweets shops sell sweets with a motif of wisteria flowers.

For example, Kanda Wasai sells Japanese sweets inspired by wisteria flowers at their real shop.

wisteria wagashi
Japanese sweets inspired by wisteria flowers
Source:和菓子処 かんだ和彩

If it’s difficult to go to the actual sightseeing spots, it also might be fun to try these sweets to feel the wisteria season.


In Japan, wisteria flowers are in full bloom from late April to mid-May, and various sightseeing spots hold wisteria festivals.

Wisteria flowers are as popular as cherry blossoms, so it is a good idea to visit a wisteria spot if you would like to go to a beautiful place in Japan.

If you find it difficult to visit sightseeing spots, try the sweets inspired by wisteria. It’s also a good way to enjoy wisteria!