Driving a Car

How to Convert a Foreign Driver’s License into a Japanese One

Many of the expatriates who are staying in Japan may want to change their home country driver's license to a Japanese l...
Public Transportation

How to Use an Airport Limousine in Japan

Perhaps one of the things that makes you worried after arriving in other countries is transportation from the airport. ...
Public Transportation

How to Use a Taxi in Japan

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Public Transportation

Trains in Japan: Types and How to Buy a Ticket

Most people who live in Japan, especially in the city center, use trains daily. Japanese trains rarely delay and com...
Public Transportation

Buses in Japan: Types and How to Get on

When going to areas where there is no train station, many people will use a local bus. It is cheaper than a taxi and do...
Public Transportation

Japan Shinkansen: Seat Classes and Ticket Purchase Methods

Detailed information about Shinkansen service and How to purchase it when travelling to Japan.