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Rainy Season in Japan

rainy season in japan

In June, Japan has a rainy season nationwide. Even if there is a difference in timing, the rainy season front moves northward from the south, and it rains.

In this article, we will introduce when the rainy season is in each region and how to spend the rainy season.

When is the Rainy Season in 2020?

The timing of the rainy season changes depending on the region. In the normal years(*), it is as follows.

*Normal years = Average of the past 30 years until 2010

RegionRainy season
OkinawaAround May 9 to June 23
AmamiAround May 11 to June 29
Southern KyushuAround May 31 to July 14
Northern KyushuAround June 5 to July 19
ShikokuAround June 5 to July 18
ChugokuAround June 7 to July 21
KinkiAround June 7 to July 21
TokaiAround June 8 to July 21
Kanto KoshinAround June 8 to July 21
HokurikuAround June 12 to July 24
Southern TohokuAround June 12 to July 25
Northern TohokuAround June 14 to July 28

Reference: Japan Meteorological Agency official website (Japanese)

This year, Okinawa, Amami, and Shikoku have already entered the rainy season. Kinki and Kanto are in the rainy season from the beginning of June to the end of July, so let’s think that it is around this year as well.

The weather forecast corner of Japanese news programs may report the timing of the rainy season, so please check the latest information on these programs or the JMA website.

What Happens During the Rainy Season?

umbrella rainy day

During the rainy season, the following changes in life occur.

Increasing the Need for Umbrellas When Going Out

During the rainy season, you will often need an umbrella when you go out. Therefore, going out may be a little bothersome in this period.

If you buy a folding umbrella and put it in your bag, you can rest assured even if it suddenly rains.

It is also good to remember that you can buy an umbrella at a convenience store if it rains when you don’t have one.

Your House Becomes More Likely to Get Moldy

As the rain continues to rise, the humidity also rises, creating an environment where mold is likely to form inside the room. We recommend you to keep your house not humid so that it will not occur.

It is good to perform dehumidification with an air conditioner or to use the dehumidifier. This article explains how to use the air conditioner.

As a mildew-preventing product, we would like to recommend “LOOK Bath Antimold Fogger.” If you use it about once every two months, you can prevent mold growth in the bath.

LOOK Bath Antimold Fogger
LOOK Bath Antimold Fogger
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Also, for mold that has occurred, we recommend “KABITORI-ZAMURAI.” The feature of this is that you can use it for a wide range of materials, such as wood, furniture, flooring, futons, etc.

Source: Amazom

Laundries Become Difficult to Get Dry

When the humidity rises, it also makes it difficult for the laundry to dry. There is no problem for those who use a washing machine with a dryer, but for those who do not have it, this is also a bad point of the rainy season.

In the first place, you cannot hang the laundry outside when it’s raining, so you will have to dry it in your room. At that time, some people may be troubled by the odor peculiar to drying the laundry in the room.

Therefore, in the rainy season, we recommend using laundry detergents for room drying such as “Top Room Drying Laundry Detergent Powder Disinfecting EX.” These detergents can suppress the unpleasant odor of the laundry.

TOP room drying laundry detergent powder
Top Room Drying Laundry Detergent Powder Disinfecting EX
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If you have a bathroom dryer, you can use it to dry your clothes.

It Gets Hot and Humid

On days when both temperature and humidity are high, you may experience uncomfortable levels of sultry heat.

If you carry a towel or an antiperspirant when you go out, you will be able to feel a little more comfortable. When you are at home, consider using an air conditioner or dehumidifier.

How to Enjoy the Rainy Season

rainy day

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean boring days. Here are some ways to enjoy the rainy season.

Having Fun at Home

You can have a good time at home without going out. You can read books slowly or watch a movie or drama.

Some things you can do at home on a rainy day include:

  • Read books
  • Watch movies, dramas, and animations
  • Play games
  • Clean the house
  • Study something
  • Cook something

If you are busy every day, you may want to spend a quiet time at home during this time.

Go to See the Hydrangea

The rainy season also overlaps with the season of hydrangea, and the atmosphere is beautiful as a set. One of the good things to do is to see the hydrangeas that get wet in the rain.

For more information about hydrangea, please refer to this page.

Go to Indoor Facilities

If it is an indoor facility, you can have a fun time even if it is raining. For example, the following facilities:

  • Movie theater
  • Aquarium
  • Museum
  • Indoor amusement park
  • Library

For example, TOKYO JOYPOLIS in Odaiba is one of the famous indoor amusement parks. It is a very popular place to play on a rainy day.

There is also TeamLab Borderless, where you can enjoy the beautiful art of light in the same Odaiba area.

In these places, you can have a good time even on a rainy day without worrying about getting wet.


The rainy season, which has many rainy days nationwide from June to July, causes a change in the lifestyle, such as being tired from going out and making it difficult to spend time due to high humidity.

However, it is possible to have a good time indoors regardless of the weather. When going out, it may be good to go to a facility with a roof.

We also recommend you prepare countermeasure goods as the humidity may cause molds to develop, and it may be difficult for the laundry to dry.