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How to Use an Air Conditioner in Japan

It is one of the difficult things for foreigners to use Japanese electrical appliances. The instruction manuals are oft...
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Taxes in Japan: Income Tax, Consumption Tax, and Resident Tax

Foreigners living in Japan sometimes pay Japanese taxes, but we assume some people have the following questions. Whe...
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How to See a Doctor in Japan

For foreigners, just living in Japan can be a daunting task. When it comes to a hospital, some people may be full of th...
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How to Get Furniture, Home Appliances, and Daily Necessities in Japan

If you are visiting Japan for the first time, you may be worried about how to get furniture, home appliances, and daily...
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Health Insurance in Japan: National Health Insurance(NHI) and Social Insurance

Are you worried about what to do if you get sick while living in Japan? Health insurance can help you at such times....
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Hanko (Inkan): Personal Seals in Japan

In Japan, You may need to stamp your seal (also called as "はんこ / Hanko" or "印鑑 / Inkan") on various documents instead o...
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How to check whether your phone is sim-lock device

Full detail of checking the IMEI number for your device and instruction on checking whether it is blocked. Conditions to unlock mobile networks for free.
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How to Exchange Money in Japan: Shop, Bank, and ATM

Japan is still a cash society, although cashless payments are gradually becoming more prevalent. Many small shops and r...
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Separation and Disposal of Garbage in Japan

A completed guideline for Separation and Disposal of Garbage in Japan.

Find apartments for rent in Japan and Terms to remember

A complete guide to rental housing in Japan and related terms for foreigners.