Japanese Ox Day and Eel Eating Custom

Every summer, we often hear the word "土用の丑の日(Doyōnoushinohi)," which means a Day of the Ox. It's also a word that you d...
Leaving Japan

Procedures Required When Leaving Japan

If you are a foreigner who is staying in Japan for studying or working and is about to return to your home country, you...
Leaving Japan

Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments of Japanese Pension

Even if you are a foreigner, if you live in Japan, you will be required to join a Japanese pension. However, some peopl...
During Stay

Final Tax Return in Japan

Some foreigners who live and work in Japan are required to file a final tax return. However, not all people do that. ...
Settling In

[2020 UPDATED] My Number System in Japan

[2020 UPDATED] My Number System in Japan and how to register for My Number Card
During Stay

How to Renew Your Japan Visa

Some foreigners living in Japan now may need to renew their visas. In this article, we will explain the specific pro...
About Japan

Japan Visas: Student, Work, and Working Holiday

Obtaining a visa is essential for foreigners who are about to come to Japan. This article explains how to apply, dep...
During Stay

How to Send Money Overseas from Japan

Some foreigners living in Japan as expatriates may want to send money to their local families. In this article, we w...
About Japan

Tanabata in Japan: Outline, Decoration, and Events

In Japan, when it comes to Tanabata on July 7, many people write their wishes on strips and pray for their fulfillment....
Settling In

Pension System in Japan: National Pension Insurance and Employees’ Pension Insurance

Many foreigners living in Japan have joined the pension system of Japan. However, some people may not understand much a...